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Quick Kush - CBD FLOWER

Roman Acres premium hemp flower provides the purest and unadulterated form of hemp for ultimate delivery and enjoyment. There are no hidden ingredients, just pure organically grown hemp flower that is carefully cured, properly trimmed, and accurately humidified until sealed. Our high-grade hemp flower is grown pesticide free and slow cured to bring out all of the complexities of the natural terpene flavor profiles. All flower is well trimmed and is compliant to <.3% D9 THC.





This product has not been evaluated by the FDA.
NO products are intended to diagnose, treat, aide, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.

Quick Kush - CBD FLOWER

  • Quick Kush is a monster nug, brandishing oversized leaves and an unruly mop of orange hairs that explode together for a clustered look that’s without rhyme or reason. The eruption of rowdy, disorderly green leaves that intertwine with chaotic red-orange hairs make the nugs look like hemp’s version of Frankenstein’s monster. The oversized, angry nugs stick out in a line up and can definitely grab your attention from their seat on the top shelf.

    When you finally muster the curiosity to ask your friendly neighborhood budtender to take the jar down and crack it open for whiff, you get slapped in the kisser with a spicy punch of pepper and herb that pierces through the nostrils and strips through the throat. The herbal flavor can clear the sinus, especially as it intertwines with the aroma of lemon and citrus. Towards the tail end, a gasoline finish drags the smell encounter, working to round off the fragrances and heighten their potency with a bit of contrast.

    These strong aromas come from Kush’s immense trichome display that produces the resin for both cannabinoids and terpenes. And with such a rich abundance of fragrance, you best believe OG Kush won’t disappoint with its body tingling effects.

    As billows of smoke course through your throat and lungs, the flavors expressed by Kush’s rich terpene content seem to magnify with each puff. The slow, smooth travel of smoke from toke to chest heavies down the torso, but also makes you feel feather light as it exist your system on the exhale. Blending citrus and herb dominate the taste experience, but hints of earth and char wiggle their way through, grasping your taste buds as though clinging on for dear life.

    The raging effects of the strain pick up within minutes of the first inhale. And the first effect to take a hold of your system is none other than good old relaxation. What sets Kush’s relaxation apart from other strains is that it isn’t compelling, it doesn’t demand your full attention. Simply, it soothes your mind and body, leaving you feeling relatively calm and collected without the deep, drowsy feeling of heavy eyelids.

    A gentle buzz tingles up and down the spine as the soothing tranquility settles in, and thoughts rush and race from idea to idea, giving rise to a creative fever. And as you focus on the various cognitive activities taking place, the strain births feelings of euphoria and happiness that can definitely turn around even the sourest of moods. At the end, Kush will leave you uplifted and stimulated albeit calm and relaxed, perfect for those moments when you want to enjoy a few happy moments with yourself.

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