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Operating for nearly four decades as a family-owned and operated farm, Roman Acres is a labor of love for Don Litsinger and his family.

Based in idyllic Rootstown, Ohio, the farm covers more than 130 acres used to raise beef cattle, pigs, and horses alongside numerous crops. The Earth-conscious fruits of the family's labor include hay, soybean, corn, oats, and now commercial hemp.


Don and his wife, Cathy, acquired the farm in 1986, a few years after they married. His involvement with the land predates the purchase as Don began working with the farm's previous owners in 1980. Throughout the years, the family has adopted the use of technologies to enhance its traditional farming practices and ensure that Roman Acres is a sustainable farming system that can meet today's challenges.


Surround by acres of crops and animals, the Litsingers instilled the love of farming in the couple's three children at a young age. The Litsinger children, David, Mark and Meagan, all who remain involved in Roman Acres’ operations today, are passing the learning by doing lessons to the next generation.


Since the first seed was planted, the core values of the family's enterprise have remained committed to success through hard work, pursuing lasting relationships, and acting responsibly with natural resources to contribute to our community's health.


In 2020, Roman Acres expanded its offering with commercial hemp, growing more than 50 acres in the first year Ohio has permitted growing. Family members are intrinsically involved in every aspect of the hemp growing process to cultivate the highest quality hemp and to develop the farm's processing capabilities for hand-harvested care.


Roman Acres plans to continue expanding its hemp growing and processing capabilities to gain the advantage of controlling the way its plant is grown, harvested, and extracted.

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